About Us

The First Killiney Kopitiam in the United States!!

We serve authentic Singaporean food, and we are the first restaurant to open in the US, beginning from the humble grounds in 1919. Killiney, with a century-old tradition, is one of the longest-standing coffee places in Singapore, with a palate of much heritage and tradition trusted through generations.

When one mentions Killiney, the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the captivating taste of crispy Kaya toast comes to mind.

about us

The Killiney Experience

Experience the Killiney heritage and indulge in a cup of wholesome goodness- we call it "The Killiney Experience."

The franchise name breaks down to "Killiney"- Killiney Road, which is in Singapore, and "Kopitiam"- Coffee Shop. Singaporean cuisine is a combination of Burmese, Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, and Thai food. Killiney Kopitiam offers an extended menu with a wide variety of local Singaporean delicacies and favorite but in a "Hawker Center" style, which are food courts that are found throughout Singapore. Killiney Kopitiam is known to be the “oldest café” in Singapore.

We offer authentic Singaporean cuisine, including Killiney's famous signature coffee, tea, and Kaya Toast.

Looking forward to hosting you soon!