We've been around for over a century

Our Story Begins in 1919

Today, our restaurant serves an entire menu of hearty, savory Singaporean dishes. But Killiney Kopitiam’s origins come from an era of almost street-food-style craft coffee accompanied by a simple British-inspired breakfast of kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs on every street corner.
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Amanda Toh Steckler

Owner, Killiney Kopitiam USA

With her life & family spanning Singapore to the San Francisco Bay Area, Amanda Toh Steckler loves how food brings people together. An avid cook and prolific host, Amanda was always struck by how Singaporean cuisine is not defined or represented by any single nationality, and how each dish connects people from a myriad of cultures. When she first lived in Palo Alto from 2014 – 2019, Amanda discovered how difficult it was to find classic Singaporean dishes in the US. She is passionate about sharing Singaporean cuisine with everyone who loves food adventures or memories of home, as not everyone has the luxury to travel to sip Kopi.

Amanda loves the legacy, authenticity & menu that Killiney Kopitiam has to offer. She knew before she began an extensive dialogue with Killiney Kopitiam that bringing the oldest cafe in Singapore to the United States was a serious project. Many Laksas later, she had built a relationship with one of the Founders.

Amanda is Killiney’s Exclusive USA Master Licensee, for Licensor Killiney International Pte Ltd, and collaborates with Chef Nora Haron, the first Singaporean Chef to make Laksa at the James Beard House in NYC. In addition to her love of cooking, hosting & sharing food cultures, Amanda is a car collector and board member of the Magical Bridge Foundation.

Sustainability: Local farmer partnerships & coffee grounds upcycling

We support local, small multigenerational farmers, partnering to supply our cafe with specialty & Asian produce. We give our spent coffee grounds to our farmers for compost, to enrich the soil for growing produce – making our farmer relationships full-circle in more ways than one.

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